America MUST Die!

End Time Prophecy


If you discovered that the Bible foretells that:

  • YHWH sounds a prophetic warning against the false gods of the West (COMPLETE).
  • The economies of the West collapse (in progress as we speak).
  • Proclaiming your faith in Jesus will be punishable by beheading (in progress as we speak).
  • Specific heavenly signs herald prophetic changes in Israel (in progress as we speak).
  • Israel starts and wins a nuclear war in the Middle East.
  • America (and her few remaining allies) lose the third world war.
  • 90% of the English speaking people are killed.
  • A global false messiah arises out of the chaos of World War 3.
  • The Jews gain control of the temple mount, consecrated an altar and start sacrificial worship.
  • The Antichrist proclaims himself as god from the temple in Jerusalem.
  • Over 6 billion people will die.
  • A small group of true believers are supernaturally protected by YHWH throughout all this destruction.

What will you do with this new knowledge?

Will you put this new found Biblical wisdom to good use to protect yourself, your children, family members and as many of those in your church and community as you can get to listen?

Or will you be like the foolish virgins – not preparing yourself for the return of the Messiah and ending up being left behind in a world of chaos and destruction just as the people did in the times of Noah and the great flood?

The choice is yours!

You can study Bible prophecies and be warned of the coming devastation, or you can pretend that everything is going to be just fine and carry on as it always has done.

Today, with two recent prophetic discoveries the Scrolls of Daniel which were “sealed until the end of time” are now being opened and we are able to develop the entire plan for the final 7 years of human misrule of the earth before the return of Messiah.

“America MUST Die!” is intended to give you information about the signs to watch out for. If we use the analogy of the tornado alert system – this is not meant to be a “Warning” – giving you immediate cause to take cover. Rather we are declaring a prophetic “Watch” for the signs of the seasons and times which will herald the return of Messiah.

“America MUST Die!” will be published on 4th July 2015. In the meantime, to find out more about how you can survive the coming tribulation, sign up to request our free e-course explaining the major events leading up to this time.