If you have any questions about this ministry or what we understand from the Bible contact us and send me your question. You could also visit our forum at the “Children of Yahweh” community website and see if we’ve covered your question in any of our discussions on the forum. Here are some resources which I think will be useful in your walk with the Lord.


Bible Study A general site with a wealth of information and resources for studying scripture. A fully functional online Bible – great for word study and comparrisons. Here is the audio version of is a very easy to read King James version. And the Blue Letter Bible is a fantastic resource for word studies.


Hebrew Roots

Hebrew Roots by Dean Wheelock. A good site with many scholarly articles, currently being updated.


Technical Resources

Sunset Calculator – this is a great site for calculating sunset for any location around the world.
How to podcast – this site was invaluable for me setting up this ministry site and all the audio messages. And I did all the podcasting for free!