STRM Newsletter 4 July 2015 – America MUST Die!

May I wish everyone a happy 4th of July and ask you to pray that America turns back from the path of destruction which has been chosen for it by our corrupt leaders. Only heartfelt national repentance can save this country from the wrath of YHWH which will soon be poured out on this nation. In this week’s message “America MUST Die!” we review both secular and scriptural evidence which points to the inevitable fate of America. Historians and academics such as Edward Gibbon, Joseph Tainter and Lt Col Bagshot Gubb reveal the cyclical nature of human history and the trajectory of the rise and fall of human empires. From this research we find that empires typically last 240-250 years, America is 239 years old and would reach 250 years in 2026. William Straus and Neil Howe in their book “The Fourth Turning – An American Prophecy” identify a recurring 80-100 year cycle which culminates in a national crisis. The country emerges from the crisis completely changed, either stronger and more vibrant, or in a state of collapse. They identified America’s previous 4th turnings as the War of Independence, The Civil War and World War Two. The interval between these events was 81 years. Based on this analysis the next crisis will occur by 2025. Empires tend to fail in one of two ways. Complete collapse as we saw in the Mayan empire or a fall to mediocrity, loss of global prestige and a retrenchment to the homeland, as we have seen in the Greek, Roman, Spanish and British empires. How will America fail? There are numerous pertinent scriptures... read more

STRM Newsletter 27 June 2015 – Gay Marriage: A Death Sentence on America

This week I had intended to give a message on the “Lost Tribes of Israel” as a prequel to the message on 4th July which will explain what Bible prophecy states about the fate of America in end time prophecy. However, the recent Supreme Court decision to impose homosexual marriage as a constitutional right in all 50 states is such an important development that I cannot remain silent on this issue. This act is a classic example of the hubris we spoke of two weeks ago, “An act of excessive pride, challenging YHWH which will result in nemesis”. The ruling has such profound ramifications for America that it actually becomes a perfect set up for next week’s message “America MUST Die!” The Biblical definition of the human couple is defined in the second chapter of Genesis, verse 24, “Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh”. A man shall become on flesh with his wife. The purpose of the family unit is to produce children, in fact, YHWH considers this so important that he established the “Duty of the Brother” to raise a male heir with the widow of his dead brother. Y’HoWShUA further revealed how important this union is by stating “What The Mighty One has joined together, let not man put asunder” (Mt 19:6). The arrogant ruling of the American Supreme Court has put asunder exactly what YHWH decreed! Leviticus chapter 20 states the law of sexual morality. It reaffirms how important the marriage bond is by decreeing the death penalty for adulterers... read more

STRM Newsletter 20 June 2015 – Humility

Last week we explored how America has been brought under a curse by the hubris of its leaders. In this week’s message we look for the antidote to hubris –“Humility”. What is quite remarkable is that anyone who genuinely humbles himself before YHWH will be blessed. King Ahab was the worst king Israel ever had, his wife Jezebel actively persecuted and murdered the prophets of YHWH. Ahab murdered Naboth and stole his land because he was envious of the vineyard Naboth had created. YHWH pronounced judgement on Ahab and his descendents. But, when Ahab humbled himself YHWH relented of his judgment and deferred the punishment to Ahab’s son’s generation. YHWH gave King Solomon this profound message, “If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land“. (2 Chr 7:14 KJV) Notice, this is a conditional statement “IF” my people humble themselves “THEN” I will hear, forgive and heal! The pivotal question is this, “Will the American people humble themselves in spite of their leaders?” The answer I regret is “No!” The media and our current cult of “celebrity” promote everything but humility, meekness and service. America will not repent and will soon receive the wrath of YHWH. As individuals we can however humble ourselves and YHWH will hear us and bless us for this. If we genuinely follow the example of Y’HoWShUA who humbled Himself to take on human form and die on the stake for our sins, we,... read more

STRM Newsletter 13 June 2015 – Hubris

Did you know that the American people have been cursed by the sin of “Hubris”? “Hubris” is defined as excessive pride. Also the understanding of the ancient Greeks was that hubris was defiance of the gods leading to nemesis. Obviously we do not accept the pagan pantheon of ancient Greece. But the definition of hubris as “defiance of YHWH leading to destruction” is totally apt for our purposes. In this week’s message “Hubris” we explore how this sin particularly affects a country’s leaders. King Uzziah wanted to offer incense in the Tabernacle, Nebbuchadnezzer’s pride got the better of him and he was made to live as a beast in the field for seven years. His son, Belshazzar defiled the cups of YHWH’s temple and received the “writing on the wall” prophecy and punishment. Even King David fell foul to “hubris” and 70,000 men of Israel died in YHWH punishment. Once infected by hubris our leaders see themselves as above the law. The government is no longer by the people for the people but rather over the people. This is the doctrine of the Nicolaitens, which YHWH hates.We have seen this manifest with Bill Clinton and the Monica Lewisnky affair, the Bush 1 and 2 illegal wars on Iraq and now Obama’s total disregard to the Constitution. When a leader is smitten with hubris, if a law is inconvenient for them, they either ignore it or rewrite it. Israel has always been a stiff necked nation and prone to national hubris and rebellion against YHWH. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Hosea and Amos all prophesied YHWH’s judgement on our people if we turn... read more