STRM Newsletter 11 July 2015 – Angels and Demons

I’d like to give you an update on the website development we’ve achieved over the last week.

Firstly I’ve updated the message archive with all the messages we produced in 2008, 2011 and 2012. I plan to complete 2009 and 2010 this week. These are old audio recordings, many of which have been replaced by updated videos. There are many good messages here so please feel free to visit the index pages and see if any of these messages interest you.


Please click the links to access the index pages.


Also I’ve added the following teaching series to the website:


These are all audio files so over the coming months I’ll repeat these messages as videos and upload them to the website. Again, please click on the links to access the teaching messages.


Our prophecy outreach project, “America MUST Die!” is progressing well. The website is launched and I’ve complete the first 6 chapters of the e-book. Please visit and download the 6 free chapters. 

I’ll also be sending an email update twice a week. On Monday I’ll let you know what area of end time prophecy we’ll be focusing on for the coming week. On Thursday we’ll update you with any findings or revelations we make in our studies also we’ll provide an update on any current events which may have prophetic significance.

There are two final points in relation to the America Must Die project. Firstly, we have set up a forum where you can join us to share your insight and ask questions in relation to end time prophecy. Please do join us in the forum because, as the scripture says, iron sharpens iron and there is safety in a multitude of counsel.

Finally, we all have a watchman responsibility, so if you know anyone who is concerned about the course America is taking or who has an interest in end time prophecy, please do invite them to visit the website and join the forum.

This week’s message is one of the articles from our Statement of Understanding “Angels and Demons”, I hope you enjoy it!

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